The leading 2b2t Group in all areas.



Our custom client and texture pack is designed with PvP in mind as they were made in collaberation with the whole group, which contains many strong PvPers.


2b2t.Group is proud to be leading the development scene on 2b2t. We create clients, discord bots, minecraft bots, websites, minecraft servers, and more.


We have many increbily successful projects such as the largest player made shop on all of minecraft (and 2b2t ofc) and the largest discord server on 2b2t.


Since 2019, we have built countless bases and we are not stopping soon. Our members have built at bases such as Avalonia, Avalysium, Mu Megabase, and many more. The ones linked have millions of views on YouTube, and were made in collaberation with members outside of 2b2t.Group. We also have bases just for our group, however they have not been griefed yet.

Meet Our Holy Leader, BGP

"Walls are just an idea"

5+ Years of leadership

Hundreds of bases

2b2t.Group Leader

Exploit finder

7 Years on 2b2t

Current 2b2t King lol

20+ Prio bans